Dear Mr. Obama

Mr. Obama,

I wanted to reach out to you as a veteran and as an American and say thank you for everything you have done for our once great country. Your speech yesterday about the #4Marines, my brothers, who were killed by another Muslim extremist piece of garbage is just so awesome, just like all of your speeches. I love how you refuse to say the word terrorist, its amazing to me how far out of the way you go to avoid that naughty word. I really hope that one of these days reality slaps you in the face harder than it has ever slapped anyone. Four of my brothers were killed by a coward who used religion as his motive because he was stupid enough to believe the mindless rabble that ISIS and other ridiculously moronic terrorist groups preach to the world. These #4Marines have died because of you Obama, no one else, just you. You are supposed to be the President of the United States of America, the greatest country in the world, yet you act like a pathetic excuse of a man, not a leader. You cower to the Democratic agenda, you allow thousands of people to be killed in the name of Allah citing peace is the only way to deal with terrorists. You hire complete idiots that spout out that we need to be sympathetic towards our enemies, seriously? The only peace these animals believe in is the downtime while they are swapping mags in their rifles before they can start firing again. Are you trying to throw the world into WWIII? This threat needs to be dealt with swiftly, violently and until there is not one last breath on this planet speaking the extremist garbage anymore.

I am sick to my stomach yet again, seems to be par for the course with your administration Obama. I will call the spade the spade, my four brothers who were murdered yesterday will not be forgotten, it’s a shame that we live in a country where you can carry a weapon to fight and defend yourself in other countries, yet federal laws prohibit you from being armed in gun free zones. Your deaths will not be for nothing, your sacrifice, because of this idiot follower of Islam, has and will continue to create thousand of new Marines. You see Mr. Obama, no matter how hard you try to tear apart our country, there will still be millions of patriotic Americans like myself. You will never be able to get rid of that, ever! I joined because of 9/11, and likewise, thousands more will join because of this terrorist attack on US soil against the four United States Marines. Feel free to avoid the word terrorist Obama, you continue to look like a jackass.

Speaking of looking like a jackass, it’s about time that we had a President who didn’t follow the rules and push their agenda despite what us, the American people, AKA your bosses, want. That takes balls Mr. Obama, I know I wouldn’t have the balls to do that. I want to just go over the long list of wonderful accolades you have forced upon the United States of America, well lets keep it to the Top 10 shall we?


Yes, the blame is being placed on you Mr. Obama. Why? Lets go over it quickly. You touted that you would end the war in Iraq so you could win your first campaign, everyone knows that, yes there was a SOFA (Status of Forces Agreement) already set in place with Bush and Iraq that was signed on December 14, 2008. It established that U.S. combat forces would withdraw from Iraqi cities by June 30, 2009, and all U.S. combat forces will be completely out of Iraq by December 31, 2011. Well thats funny, you took credit for it right? Go figure you couldn’t even get everyone out on time, I think we finally got all the troops out almost a year late? Two thumbs up Mr. Obama! Well, even when Bush signed this, he persisted to Iraq that more work needed to be done, he knew ISIS (or equivalent) would happen, anyone with half a brain knew it was going to happen, except you. You and all of your grand knowledge knew better, well Mr. Obama you were wrong and now the world has you to thank for ISIS.

2. Iran Nuclear Deal

This just screams outright stupidity. Correct me if I am wrong but Bill Clinton implemented this same kind of agreement with North Korea. Everyone knows how much a of screwup that was… Look at North Korea now. Are they not processing nuclear weapons? Have they not stone walled every attempt to investigate their nuclear programs? Have they not hid everything when they finally allowed an investigation to take place? The stupidity of the democratic party in regards to dealing with countries who have no blatant regard for human life is mind numbing. Also, what about the Americans being persecuted there in the Iranian prison system? You didn’t even think to get them freed? What the hell happened to protecting Americans Obama? Did you forget that you are sworn to put American lives first, it seems to me that your administration has no regard for American lives anymore. How many Americans will continue to die until our government starts protecting us? These countries rule with iron fists and use fear as their stronghold over their subjects, talks will not do anything to prevent them from harming others. Welcome to the next nuclear problem in the world, great job Obama, keep up the great work.

3. Racism has not gotten better

You being black, even though I think its some ridiculously small percentage, wouldn’t know because all of your records are sealed, people shouted in cheers that racism was going to finally go away. Hmmm, why has racism gotten worse under your lead then Mr. Obama? Why is it that every time some black thug gets killed by whitey you go on TV saying that that thug was right and the cop wrong? Why do you keep instilling riots? Whites are killed by blacks way more than black by whites, we don’t riot, you never come on TV and say shame on the black man. You’re a joke, plain and simple. If you want to end racism you do what we do in the military, you joke about it and you truly understand that the color of your skin has no meaning on your character and type of person you are. Lets face it, there are turds out there, they aren’t limited to one skin tone…

4. Economy still shambled?

Well, here we are 7 years after the great Obama won not one, but two presidential elections and we have gotten worse not better. We are currently at $18,151,931,284,395 in debt and our wonderful government is estimating that at the end of FY 2015 the gross US federal government debt will be $18.628 trillion, according to the FY16 Federal Budget. Wow. Now if that’s not success I don’t know what is. When Bush came into office the debt was $5.73 trillion, when he left it was $10.63 trillion. He gained $5 trillion, you have managed to almost double that, great job Mr. Obama!

5. Obamacare

This one doesn’t even need a title. I have had to change my health care plan already twice because my business could not afford the premium increases. You said there wouldn’t be any, you said this would be affordable health care… Then why am I paying more than I have ever paid before? I knew you were lying, as usual, however your healthcare writer was right, the American people were stupid enough to believe you… This was not reform, this was just retarded. If you wanted to reform and make healthcare truly affordable then you could have regulated what can be charged. Doctors usually have cash prices, for people with no insurance. This is usually insanely different than what they charge insurance carriers. If Doctors can offer cash prices, obviously thats enough for them to be profitable, then make the cash price the maximum that the Doctors can charge the insurance companies. When cash price for an MRI is $350 but yet when they bill insurance its $4,000 that seems a little odd to me, how about you?

6. Benghazi

Again you knew this was coming. Again you decided it was better to ignore it and hope it would go away. Again Americans died because of your lack of doing anything. I am sick to my stomach at you. You had months of advance warnings from Ambassador Stevens about the threat in Libya, yet you sat on your ass. Well again Mr. Obama you have blood on your hands, you and that disgusting bag of a woman Hillary. The fact she is even running for President kills me, how anyone could be stupid enough to want to vote for her makes me see red, go figure she has a huge following. Maybe people are just so blind that it will be their undoing that finally opens their eyes. To the 4 murdered because of inaction of this administration, rest in peace, you are not forgotten.

  • J. Christopher Stevens, Ambassador
  • Sean Smith, Information Officer
  • Glen Doherty, Navy SEAL
  • Tyron Woods, Navy SEAL

7. Immigration Reform

Mr. Obama your immigration reform was absurd. Giving amnesty to people who were in this country illegally was guess what? ILLEGAL! You consistently break the law for your own agenda. Just because they would vote democrat because the democrats gave them amnesty is no excuse to break the law! No other country on the planet would do such a thing, yet here we are the United States, the laughing stock of the world, having this argument. Our borders are leaking, drug cartels, terrorists and illegals all coming across as they please. That is a problem, the solution to tell DHS they cant arrest and or question these people is not the correct answer. To all those saying what about the Indians, that was hundreds of years ago when the world was not as sophisticated as it is now, was it wrong? Yes, what we did to them was wrong. Thats over and done with, it doesn’t matter now. To all you liberal tree hugging anti christian/republicans out there, feel free to go into another country illegally and see how you are treated. I promise it wont be how we treat the illegals here, idiots.

8. Military Insignificance

You Mr. Obama, have brought our military to the lowest it has ever been. I think even Bill Clinton is applauding your bravery in giving the middle finger to the troops and decreasing our fighting strength to the smallest it has ever been since WWII. Wow, again Mr. Obama, two thumbs up to you!

9. Surveillance State

Obama repeatedly criticized George Bush for using post-9/11 programs to spy on American citizens during his first campaign. After entering office, Obama has done nothing but ramp up all forms of surveillance, from metadata capture to wiretapping to recording phone log information of American citizens. Edward Snowden’s leaks about the NSA’s surveillance programs and capabilities showed us how truly separated our government is from reality. With all of the concern about the US citizens being threats we have been hacked more times than any other presidency. The information that was stolen is a treasure chest to our enemies, yet no one held accountable. That’s the Obama way, do as I say not as I do. No one is ever held accountable for failures that this administration has done.

10. Drones

Remember the drones? Remember how this was the success he touted for ending terror? Yeah, ISIS is running scared from the drones… Obama not only touts being able to deliver justice without trial and kill people with drones but yet when people commit crimes and murder US citizens on US soil he goes to the media and says don’t point any fingers. Don’t jump to conclusions and call that person a terrorist. Obama, the fingers are all being pointed at you, idiot.

To sum all of this up Mr. Obama, you are worthless. In fact you are the most worthless pile of crap that has ever sat in the oval office. You have taken a great institution and corrupted it to the worst levels ever. You blatant lack of the law, your dictator style of leadership, all of it has done nothing but tear this country apart. You have less than two years left Mr. Obama, after that you will be known as the worst President and the biggest mistake in all of American history, congratulations. Thank you for ruining my country.


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