Straight and Proud

Let me start by saying I don’t care if you’re purple, black, white, brown, yellow or turquoise or if you like dick or vagina. Everyone is so focused on labels, which to me takes any progress that can be made as far as equality and erases it. It all comes down to one thing that we all share in common, being human. If you as a human being have good character and morals it doesn’t matter what color your skin is, what your sexual preference is or what damn political party you belong to is.

I’m straight and proud of it, which just seems so freaking stupid to say but because of how emasculated this country has become it needs to be said. With everyone bitching and whining about equality this and equality that, it seems that what used to be the norm is now the outcast. Why wouldn’t it be? I know in the case of the homosexuals we can thank the Christian religion for being completely hypocritical. Do you think Jesus would bash gay people? Hell no! He hung out with whores and degenerates, he didn’t beat them into Christianity, he showed them how to be a good human being. It’s that simple!

I have gay friends, I’m pretty sure most of America does, whether they are still in the closet or flamboyant out in public. Who freaking cares? Let them live their lives the way you want everyone to let you live yours. Being in the military and Christian I have a perverse attitude towards homosexuals too. Let’s face it, if you’re a male and have been in the military you have touched or had some other guys junk on some part of your body. Whether you were playing a game of chicken and didn’t want to lose so you just go straight in for the dick grab or you drank way to much and blacked out drunk and had your buddies take turns taking photos of their junk on your face, we’ve all been there. I have a friend, we can call him BJ Naps, for the sake of anonymity, who used to dance naked with me in the shower next to a very homophobic Army Ranger, why? Because, Marines love messing with Rangers and because we love pushing people outside of their comfort zones.

If you were gay and we were in combat together and I could trust you I would gladly lay my life down to protect yours, again the Christian crowd is probably asking why? Well let’s just say that just like skin color sexual preference doesn’t freaking matter, if you are a good individual and I trust you then you can count on me.

This country should get an award for the crying about anything and everything category. Everyone needs to take a deep breath and literally chill out, it’s embarrassing. The whole world is laughing at us because you feel the need to cry about everything when crap doesn’t go your way. The fact the government had to say gay marriage is allowed is nonsense, let them get married, they can then find out how miserable divorce is. You hear that gays? Divorce. You better start writing prenuptial agreements now, divorce is nasty, I’ve gone through it twice… (I’m a real winner!)

Anyway I will end on this, if my humorous straight pride flag offends you, take a look in the mirror and ask yourself what you’re so mad about. Grow the f$#! up, be an adult and get some character. You’ve got one life to live, quit wasting it crying about nonsense. How about we all focus on what’s really affecting the world, maybe ISIS? Maybe Healthcare premiums sky rocketing because of the Affordable Health Care Act? Maybe the cover up that the Obama Administration and the DoS are doing about Benghazi?


America, Land of the Butthurt…

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